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A Ha!

You are worth it and every item in your closet should serve you. If an item doesn’t have a purpose, its gotta go!

  • Consultation

  • 3 hour closet edit

  • Catalogue of outfits

  • Shopping list

  • $300


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We’ll dial in your personal style, full package status. Hair, makeup, accessories, everything. Our time together is all about digging through all the clutter of life and getting to the gold.

  • Consultation

  • Catalogue of outfits

  • 3 hour Closet Edit

  • 6 hours of personal shopping

  • Hair and makeup consult

  • Reorganization of closet

  • $800


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Search and Rescue!

For clients that have already had A-ha! or Eureka! and need styling for a specific event

  • Consultation

  • 2 hours minimum personal shopping

  • Fitting

  • Hair and makeup

  • Get it done

  • $200